For further viewing

Available at Wooster or for loan through CONSORT

The House is Black (Farrokhzad, 1964)

The Cow (Mehruji, 1969)

The Runner (Naderi, 1985)

Kelid (The Key) (Forouzesh, 1987) CONSORT (VHS!)

Leila (Mehruji, 1996)

Moment of Innocence (M. Makhmalbaf, 1996) CONSORT

Where is the Friend’s House? (Kiarostami, 1996) CONSORT

Children of Heaven (Majid Majidi, 1997)

The Circle (Panahi, 1999) on Kanopy

The Color of Paradise (Majidi, 1999)

Wind Will Carry Us (Kiarostami, 1999) CONSORT

Blackboard (S. Makhmalbaf, 2000)

A Time for Drunken Horses (Qobadi, 2000)

Close-Up (Kiarostami, 2001)

Kandahar (M. Makhmalbaf, 2001) CONSORT

Baran (Magidi, 2001)

Ten (Kiarostami, 2002)

Crimson Gold (Panahi, 2003) CONSORT

The Lizard (Tabrizi, 2004)

Men at Work (Haghighi, 2006)

Offside (Panahi, 2006) CONSORT

Shirin (Abbas Kiarostami, 2008)

About Elly (Farhadi, 2009)

No One Knows about Persian Cats (Ghobadi, 2011)

A Separation (Farhadi, 2011)

This is Not a Film (Panahi, 2011)

Closed Curtain (Panahi and Partovi, 2013) on Kanopy

Manuscripts Don’t Burn (Mohammad Rasoulof, 2013) on Kanopy